About the 30 Minutes of Madness Entertainment Network

The 30 Minutes of Madness Entertainment Network is a collection of internet radio shows and podcasts. Its name derives from the orignial podcast 30 Minutes of Madness. Head of the entertainment network is founder Nick Mandarano.

30 Minutes of Madness was a weekly sports podcast that debuted on March 22, 2011. It aired on BlogTalkRadio.com and saw much success and growth through its three and a half year duration. The host was founding member Nick Mandarano with Matt McCullers, Dan Spinelli, and JT Volpe as rotating co-hosts. This podcast is currently on an indefinite hiatus, broadcasting most recently on September 22, 2014.

On September 6, 2012, High School Madness debuted as another weekly sports podcast hosted by Mandarano and Spinelli. The show covered high school football, basketball, and baseball in the Philadelphia Catholic League. HSM, as it came to be known, ran continuously until January 2, 2014. It aired 30 episodes and found immediate Twitter success among PCL students.

When the four hosts split for college, Volpe began his own sporst show at Montgomery County Community College called Mustang Madness. It airs on MontcoRadio.com once a week. Volpe brought along Mandarano to help host and introduced a new host in the wake of 2015, Jonathan DiMascio.

Hawk Talk is the substitute for the original 30 Minutes of Madness. When 30 Minutes of Madness ended, Mandarano immediately began Hawk Talk on Radio 1851, Saint Joseph's University's radio station. Hawk Talk is a traditional sports show, but adds a focus to Saint Joseph's sports. Alongside Mandarano is another new host, Matt Kress. Hawk Talk airs on Radio 1851'a website.

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